Betoota Advocate Podcast

“As a print publication, there are no higher heights than the ones we have already met…we must look to the internet to broadcast our radio programming… This, we believe, is called podcasting.”

Errol Parker, Editor-at-large, Betoota Advocate

The Betoota Advocate, Australia’s oldest newspaper.

The Advocate has built and maintained a cult-following of ordinary Australians who have a taste for independent and discerning regional journalism.  It reports real and apolitical news and will never allow itself to be hijacked by any of the family news dynasties. Packer, Fairfax or Murdoch.

The publication has a highly engaged readership, greater than traditional publications such as the The Australian and The Financial Review, and digital outlets like Buzzfeed Australia, and Mamamia. The Betoota Advocate podcast will be the initial podcast of the Diamantina Podcast Network.

The format will be a series of interviews hosted by Betoota Advocate; editor-at-large, Errol Parker and editor, Clancy Overell, with iconic Australian’s.