Welcome to the Diamantina Podcast Network


Brought to you by the team behind the Betoota Advocate.

Our aim is to work with top Australian talent and partner with brands to
create unique and interesting podcasts for your listening enjoyment.

Access a desirable, hard to reach audience with
authentic brand integrations that drive real results.

A rapidly growing market

The Podcast industry is growing rapidly every day. Google’s aim is to double the number of podcasts listened to worldwide to over the next 12 months

More Australians listened to podcasts in the last month, than were on twitter or spotify

Comedy is the most popular podcasting genre

A difficult audience to reach

Podcast listeners are more likely to subscribe to Netflix meaning they are less exposed to TV advertising.

Over 3 in 5 don’t listen to commercial radio

81% can’t be reached through Spotify

Tangible Results

75% of podcast listeners take an action on a sponsored message  

61% of listeners buy products from podcast ads

Podcast listeners are more likely to follow brands on social media

Sophisticated marketers like Squarespace know what they are doing. They would not be spending money on podcasts if it was not working

Effective & Authentic brand integrations

A host read endorsement of your brand, in your hosts personal style, integrated seamlessly into their show.

Definitely not just a 30 second radio ad.

Reach listeners in an intimate setting, have a direct conversation with someone who opted into the conversation 

Integrate with a show, or create a custom series

Got a show, or want to develop a concept

Hire our studio or our production team