Becky and Cam Hotline

Becky Lucas & Cameron James

Do you need life advice? A problem solved? Someone who’ll listen? Of course you do.

The Becky and Cam Hotline is a funny and irreverent call-in advice podcast hosted by two comedians with zero life coach training, but a lot of opinions. Becky Lucas (Conan, JFL) and Cameron James (Comedy Central, Finding Desperado) are here to help. And if they can’t help, they’ll make fun of you, or each other, or anyone really.

Each week, callers lay their problems on the line – from romantic dramas, to out of control pets, to career disasters and long-term family feuds. Becky and Cam will try their hardest to come up with the right solution for you. And if they fail, at least it was funny. Don’t be mad! We have zero training!

CALL:  02 8123 2103 or international: +61 2 8123 2103

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