Dad in Progress


In partnership with the Movember Foundation, Dad in Progress represents our first commissioned podcast.

New dads, this one’s for you. Brought to you by Movember, and hosted by fresh-to-fatherhood Raph, Dad in Progress is a deep-dive into the challenges, life changes and joys of new-dad life. Join Raph, his mates, experts and celebrities on the journey of a Dad in Progress.

How do you navigate the challenges of being a Dad in the 21st Century?

The reality is, what it means to be a dad has changed, and it’s kind of up to us to work it out.
That’s what this podcast is about.

Covering issues like, how do you keep our career on track while also being a present father. What do we do about our relationship and our sex life? How do I make sure I still have a social life?

Basically, how to balance being a dad while making sure we’re looking after ourselves. I’ll be speaking to other dads, parenting experts, psychologists and some familiar voices like Aaron Gocs, Osher Gunsberg, Archie Thompson & Clarke Gayford to try and work it all out.

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