For and Against

David Gill, Simon Johnson, Stephen Reilly and Paul Roach

Arguing the toss over the big issues in sport off the field of play, ‘For and Against’ takes sport seriously….sometimes. David Gill, Simon Johnson, Stephen Reilly and Paul Roach rip apart the controversies in sport and take a look under the bonnet to see what makes the sports ‘industry’ tick. From the commercial to the philosophical, from the sublime to the ridiculous, For and Against is your deep dive into how and why sport matters.

Brought together in high school in the heady days when cigarette sponsorship was kosher, the team has spent decades honing a love of sport and even greater love of how vitally important it all is. Today, they look past the cliched sporting hype to decipher the meaning of the latest sporting flare-ups, hijinks and curiosities. 

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