Spice Advice

Erica Mallett

Spice advice is the podcast where you get advice from people who have been through something spicy in their lives. Everyone you meet has been through something you haven’t – and the people with the best advice have been through the most. 

Each week, a guest tells our host Erica Mallett their lived experience of something Spicy. In the world of Spice Advice, ‘spicy’ can mean any topic that is unique, taboo, salacious or unknown. 

How do you forgive yourself for lying to someone you love? What behavioural science strategies can you use to make someone like you? How do you come to terms with your sneezing fetish? When your brain injury causes you to lose your entire personality, how do you rebuild it? 

Spice advice is about the uniqueness of people’s stories, but also the ubiquitous things that connect us all to the same human experience; love, change, fear, shame and togetherness. 

In hearing their story, they teach us what they’ve had to learn. From seeing their perspective, we enrich our own. And we get a lil juicy along the way.

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